Flower & Garden Expo: March 28-29, 2020

Looking to enhance or revitalize or update your yard with vibrant, colorful plants and flowers? Then mark your calendars for our annual Flower & Garden Expo, a rain or shine event, every Spring!

A popular event in NE Florida, the Flower and Garden Expo will delight gardeners of all ages with growers, nurseries and artisans from around the state offering shoppers every item to make your garden all it can be! Every year, this show features a variety of vendors bringing a wide array of horticulture including olive trees, aquatic plants, herbs, ferns, succulents, citrus, anthuriums (the ‘love flower’), bamboo, colorful flowering plants, butterfly plants, native plants and more plus gardening accessories and art. There is a $5 admission fee per person, which is valid for both days of the Expo (Children are admitted for free)!

Save your Expo ticket! It will grant you free admission to our event, “Taste of St. Augustine!” A children’s area will be provided as well. Meaning, face-painting, crafts, and so much fun!

Come enjoy the St. Augustine Garden Club’s Flower Show! Their theme in 2020 is, “Welcome To My Garden.” Celebrate flowers, friends and fun! For more information on this event please click here: St. Augustine Garden Club’s Flower Show. Also joining in on the theme, the St. Augustine Piecemakers Guild’s Quilt show were there too! Share the newest ideas in quilting with quilters from America’s Oldest City! More info on the Piecemakers Guild’s Quilt show can be found here: St. Augustine Piecemakers Guild’s Quilt Show Both of these groups are local to St. Augustine.

The Expo will be held Saturday, March 28th, 9am to 5pm and Sunday, March 29th, 10am to 3pm in 2020.

Address of St. Johns County Agricultural Center: 3125 Agricultural Center Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Expo handicap accessible?

A: The Expo is handicapped accessible but just note that wheelchairs will be on a grassy field as well as sidewalks.

Q: Can I bring my pet? 

A: Dogs are permitted at the Expo as long as they are on a leash and the owner has bags ready for clean-up.

Q: What if it rains?

A: The Expo will take place rain or shine.

EXPERT LECTURES IN 2019 (2020 Lectures TBA)

Saturday Lectures
10:00 am
Monarchs and Other Pollineighbors: Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Dianne Battle.  – Which butterflies and other pollinators call your neck of the woods home and why.  Where to observe them, how to provide a pollinator-friendly landscape, and how citizen science adds to our knowledge of them.

11:30 am
Salt Tolerant Landscape Plants: Presented by Terra Freeman, St. Johns County Horticulture Extension Agent. Learn how to use coastal ecosystems and plant communities as inspiration for salt tolerant landscapes.

1:00 pm
Gardening for Mental Health: Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Jenny Lane. Learn about the interesting history of gardening for mental health, how time in nature affects us for the better and why we need this now more than ever.

2:30 pm
Invasive Plant Species: Presented by St. Johns County Parks Naturalist, Kelly Ussia. Ever wonder how to identify and remove the plants that are “bad” for your yard and the environment? Then this lecture is for you. Participants will learn about the top local invasive species, how to remove them, and recommendations on natives alternatives.

Sunday Lectures
11:00 am
Landscaping for Florida’s Wildlife: Presented by St. Johns County Master Gardener, Pam Hutcherson. Creating a native ecosystem in your yard.

12:30 pm
Growing and Culinary Uses of Fresh Herbs: Presented by Dennis Gretton, Owner of D & D Nursery. Learn how to successfully grow and cook with common and unusual herbs in Florida.

Nurseries :

3 Seasons Growers – Ornamentals: shrubs & tropicals

4 Sisters Foliage – Succulents, tropicals, perennials, eatables

Brad Palumbo

CedarHills Woodcraft – Succulents, tropicals

D&D Growers – Herbs

Eden Paradise Gardens – Flowering perennials, shrubs, trees, new & unique plants

George Griepenburg – Butterfly & Hummingbird plants

Grassroots Nursery – Unique garden perennials

J&P Nursery – Flowering perennials

Magic Orchid Nursery – Fruit & citrus trees, orchids, pitcher plants, desert rose

Peters Crotons & Cordylines – Crotons, cordylines

Randy’s Bromeliads and More – Bromeliads, tilansia, baby sundews, pothos, begonias

Rose Petals Nursery – Roses: heritage, antique and old garden


David Barber – Natural stone pendants, landscape rocks

Debra & Jeff Crammond – Welded yard art

Diane’s Bees – Bees, honey, wax wraps

Draper Underwood – Clay pottery, metal garden wind chimes

Dr. Gloria Moore – Chiropractor

JaxWhirligigs – Handmade wood winged whirligigs

Michelle Hopkins & Tom Fritch – Outdoor furniture, birdhouses, datil pepper jelly, sauces

Old St. Augustine Gourmet – Award-winning sauces, condiments

Teresa Stachulski & Carol Moss – Painted concrete pavers and flower pots

Wentz Antiques – Yard art