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After Detox

Completing drug or alcohol rehab is a major accomplishment, but it isn’t the final step. Whether it’s days, weeks, months or years after leaving rehab, individuals in recovery are still at risk for relapse. Having a co-occurring disorder — a mental health condition that occurs along with a substance use disorder — can also increase the risk of a relapse. Our aftercare programs are designed to help minimize that risk, and keep you moving forward on your recovery path.

From the time you enroll in our Detox Center whether to treat alcoholism or a drug addiction, our team will be there every step of the way, preparing you for the days following your successful completion of the program. With therapeutic support and specialized group therapy, you can maintain your hard-won sobriety and build a solid foundation for recovery.

What is group treatment?

Group therapy is a form of treatment in which a skilled group therapist(s) meets with a small group, usually about 6-10 people, and the group discusses themes or issues pertinent to individual members and the group as a whole. Group members are required to maintain confidentiality and are encouraged to participate in providing constructive feedback to other group members. Some groups offered are focused on specific topics and other groups are open to multiple issues. All members are asked to call and inform the therapist if they are going to be unable to attend as absences raise the concern of other group members. Regular and consistent attendance to group is part of being in group treatment.

How does group treatment help?

First, many people who experience themselves as struggling alone with an insoluble situation find that there are others who share their struggle. Second, having a group of people around you to offer support can be very useful. Third, new ways of looking at a situation and at one’s self may generate solutions not previously identified. Fourth, it can be remarkably helpful to hear from other peoples’ responses to the question many of us want to ask, which is “What am I like and what it is like to be with me?” This type of honesty serves as one of the more curative factors of group.

Our philosophy is person-centered which means we put you at the center of your treatment and respect your freedom to make your own choices and choose your own direction.