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Parenting Education

Parent Education

Parenting is not an easy job. EPIC offers free parenting programs that provide support, information and education for parents/guardians. Parents are most effective in preventing their children from engaging in dangerous behaviors when they are trained and motivated.

Parenting Education Programs include:

Parenting For SUCCESS: Provides parents of students enrolled in Think! For SUCCESS program with the knowledge and skills needed to assist them in keeping their kids from getting further involved with alcohol or other drugs.

Active Parenting Program: Reduces family conflict and child behavior problems by improving parenting skills, enhancing family communication and increasing supervision and discipline. Two levels: one for parents of young children and one for parents of teens.

Family Education

Alcoholism and drug addiction affects the whole family. One family member addicted to alcohol and drugs means the whole family suffers. Without help, active addictions can completely disrupt normal family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime. But, with the proper help and support, family recovery can become your reality. To help a family rebuild, we offer a variety of support, information and skills regarding: Living with an Addiction, Triggers and Cravings, Rebuilding Trust, Communication Traps, Coping with Possibility of a Relapse, and the Roadmap to Recovery.

Our philosophy is person-centered which means we put you at the center of your treatment and respect your freedom to make your own choices and choose your own direction.