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Vivitrol therapy

Medication Assisted Treatment Now offered at The EPIC Recovery Center
Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. While EPIC has focused on counseling as a way to address the psychological aspect of addiction, there is a new drug called Vivitrol that is helping us to work on the physical aspect. By blocking the pleasurable feelings associated with opioid or alcohol use, this medication (paired with counseling) has proven to be an effective treatment to help with alcohol and opioid dependence. Because Vivitrol is a non-opioid, an antagonist, it is not addictive nor does dependence on the medication develop.

Vivitrol has a long-acting formula, which means it only has to be administered once a month. When used with counseling, it has been shown to be effective for both the treatment of alcohol dependence and the prevention of relapse to opioid dependence following opioid detox. We recognize that addiction is both physical and psychological, and therefore want to be able to monitor the progress of each client during their treatments. For eligibility and enrollment information, give us a call at the EPIC Recovery Center and speak with a nurse today, to learn about our protocol. Some insurances may cover the expenses of the drug. For more information on this medication, please visit Vivitrol.com

Medication Assisted Treatment