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The work we do saves lives and helps our community.  We have ambitious plans for EPIC’s future with the goal of providing an even stronger continuum of care for our citizens who need help with a substance abuse or mental health issue.  We can’t provide the services that we do or plan to expand those services without the support of community members and organizations like you!  With your help, we can continue to “Save Lives…Transform Families” every day!

Schedule an EPIC Visit

Want to learn more about EPIC and how you can get involved?  We would be happy to come speak with you and your group about EPIC’s services and programs.  To schedule or to find out more, call us at (904) 829-2273 or email

Sponsor a Child or Family Receiving Counseling

EPIC’s mental health services for children and families is one of our fastest growing areas.  More and more families are seeking quality, professional counseling but may not have the means to pay or have high insurance deductibles that inhabit their ability to get help.  Because of your support, EPIC never turns anyone away due to the lack of ability to pay.

Sober Living Housing Campaign

The number one reason for readmissions at the EPIC Recovery Center is that there is no safe, sober living environment for these individuals to continue in their recovery. Help us by supporting our sober living home, Second Wind. EPIC is proud to offer our sober living environment for up to 6 males at one time. Second Wind is currently exclusively available to EPIC clients. Sober Living Homes are residences that provide a drug and alcohol-free environment for newly sober people. With your support, we can offer a safe sober environment for those newly on their recovery journey.

EPIC Recovery Center

We opened the EPIC Recovery Center in 2014 in order to provide a three-tiered program of detoxification, residential and outpatient treatment services.  While we are grateful to be able to offer this service, the need to enhance and expand continues to grow.  Your investment in the EPIC Recovery Center will allow us to reach even further in continuing to help some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens in their battle against addiction.